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     Welcome to the official Yubi TCG website! Here you can purchase booster packs, starter sets, exclusive cards, view updates on contests, new cards, tournaments, and more! Currently the site is under works and will improve, so feel free to join, read the rules, and chat on the forums.

      In the Home page, you will find quick updates on various things, such as modifications made to the Rule Book, the release of new cards, news on new cards or misprints, and more. So please check the homepage once in a while, it'll keep you updated with what's going on.



   Zoiskiee here back with another update! I'm happy to announce that this past week I've been working on my Kickstarter Campaign for Yubi TCG and it's nearly finished. I also ordered some sample cards and holographic cards to demonstrate in the Kickstarter. You can review the Kickstarter and leave feedback. Link to my Kickstarter!

  Another cool update that I have for you guys is that the Asylum Deck is currently under works and has a lot of cool ways to be used to win a Match. Below are two previews of the new cards featured in the Mad Asylum Deck.

new cards & feature! 8-30-17

  Hello everybody! I've been working on a some new and freshly baked cards! Below are two of my personal favorites. I've been busy lately with fixing up my girlfriend's room so the most I've been doing is drawing a couple of monsters for the final Series 1 Deck that will have 99 various cards. Now that I think of it... I'll need about 500 prints of cards with many duplicates. 

(Left) "Sci-Fi Dino" , Common card from the Series 1 Deck.
(Right) "Crystalax", Legendary card from the Series 1 Deck.

  I've added a feature to the game that isn't in the game Rulebook. This feature is called "Blitz". I've written in a text file what Blitzing a monster is and how you can do it. It's really simple and can be extremely useful when you don't have specific cards from Proclaimer, Sacrificial, Fusion, or Xyz Monsters.

[Download Text File] 

(right click and "save link as")

Some changes and updates 8-26-17

  I know I mentioned on my last update that I'd move on to Series 2 Deck since I "finished" the Series 1 Deck of cards. Well, looks like this week I've decided to keep the best of the cards I've made for Series 1. Basically there's some rejected cards that I thought weren't good enough for the card game. 


  I've also updated the site a little. I removed the store pages and am working with the built-in Webstore feature. It seems to work like a charm! Feels organized and everything! 

  Finally, I've calculated how much money I will need to order the final prints for Booster Packs, Starter Packs, Collector Binders, Stickers, and cards. Everything should be spot-on. In total, I've calculated that I will need around $600-$700 for everything to be purchased.

  Oh yeah! I've also created a new monster type. You can download the text file to learn how to use these monsters. They're called, Union Monsters, which act like boss-type monsters that have incredibly high amounts of ATK power. 

[Download Text File] 

(right click and "save link as")

(Left) "Union Shining Dragon", Super Rare card from the Space Wonders Deck.

(Right) "Union Strike" Common card from the Space Wonders Deck. Used to activate Union Monsters.

Rule book pdf updated... Again!  8-11-17

  Yep, went through it and had to balance some rules with activating Xyz Monsters and also allowed more than 1 monster to directly attack. Be sure to check out the game rules, the PDF has been updated, now you need to stay updated! 

  As for the Space Wonders deck, the final monsters have been selected and are currently being edited and designed. Just need some more Perks and Traps and I'll move on to working on the Series 2 deck.

Card Stat changes and Promotion!  8-9-17 

  The Space Wonders deck along with other decks created later in the future will have monsters with new attack ranges. Series 1 was off with monsters having 30-80 ATK points which is crazy and makes rounds last up to an hour or more. So monsters in Space Wonders and every other deck that will be made will have 100-2500 ATK values; with 100-300 being weak monsters, 400-600 being strong monsters, and 700-2500 being ultra powerful monsters. Matches should be a lot quicker now, or they should be!

  Also, I went to a Half Price Books location and asked if I could promote Yubi, the manager was very kind and asked for information about the game to be emailed to him and that he'd hang up signs and promote the card game. I will post directions to this location for those who'd like to come check it out, and  those who do, you'll receive my first ever created Yubi TCG Promo Monster card! To receive it, you must be there early enough to get a copy. 

Starter Sets Arrived!  8-4-17

  Hey guys! I've updated the Rule Book pdf once again, fixing any misleading text and typos. Feel free to check them out and read for yourself! Another thing, the Starter Boxes arrived, however they're not looking the way I intended them to look. So I have redesigned the box and hopefully next print will be better. Booster Boxes have also be redesigned and fixed, so the new prints shouldn't be off! 

Cards Have arrived!  7-28-17

   It is I once again! The cards have arrived! Some misprints on a few and they have been fixed. I can now officially say that the Series 1 Deck has been completed. Also, the Starter Set boxes should be here somewhere around next week! So I'm super excited to see how they'll look like!


   Ahoy everybody! The Starter Deck Boxes won't be delivered until the 2nd of August, so this will create a delay on the release of the Kick Starter. Should've paid for a quicker delivery but I guess I'll just have to wait. Hopefully the cards get here sooner though, I know I paid for quicker delivery on 'em! I might also get some custom stickers made because who doesn't love stickers? 


   Whoop whoop! Here's a design print example for the Starter Pack boxes! Sorry, it's only a screenshot of the top-view. I will post more pictures when the boxes are delivered!

Yubi Rule Book pdf made!  7-11-17

  Alright, I've finished an early version of the rule book. Please go over it, if anything happens to look wrong, please reply to my post on the forum right here! If you need the rules go here! Thank you everybody!

New Card Revisions Ordered!  7-10-17

  What's up everybody, Zoiskiee here! I know there's nobody on the site yet, but for future reference, I'd like to let everyone know that on this day, I managed to finish the Series 1 deck of cards. They're currently being printed and I really hope the black borders are even. I've already received the Booster Pack boxes, hard card sleeves, dice, and sample calculator. 

  Currently, I am now waiting for the Starter Pack boxes to arrive. Hopefully they fit 50 cards, a calculator, and some dice, otherwise I'm in big trouble! Please note, a Kick Starter campaign will begin as soon as everything is in order.

  I know what you're thinking... Yikes! Bad quality! Nope. Not at all. These cards are fantastic and look dozens times better than the above photo, so expect some good quality cards. I will be taking more pictures of the cards with better photographs, for the mean time I must remain humble with my HTC M9 busted camera! PS, I was excited about the cards so I HAD to take pictures! Below I have one more picture of the sample cards on my work table as well as a preview of  a new monster from the Space Wonders deck!

Official Site created!  6-26-17

  What can I say? I couldn't be anymore happier to have created the Official Yubi TCG website! Everything's new and will improve over time. Make sure to register to access the forums!

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   Believe it or not, but even a $1 donation can help me. I can either bundle it up with my money and upgrade my tools I use to create cards, upgrade the site, buy more cards, or, buy my self a cup of coffee to start the day.

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