The Trading Card Game


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What is Yubi

   Yubi The Card Game (aka Yubi TCG) is a trading card game in which players can collect various types of cards ranging from Monsters, Perks, Traps, and Chains. With over 100 monsters to collect and new monster's being constantly worked on, you will have a hard time choosing your favorite cards! The game is similar to Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon, so if you've played either of these, then you'll have no problem learning this card game's simplified rules!


   Yubi TCG also features different types of decks, each with their own theme. If you're into galaxies and beautiful space themed creatures, then you can buy some Boosters with cards from the Space Wonders Deck which features space themed monsters and powers! Or if you're into creepy and horrific zombies and supernatural creatures, then the Mad Asylum definitely for you! Check out the list of decks from the DECKS page!

   The card game game is incredibly simplified allowing new players to easily learn the rules while allowing advanced players take the game to another level and perform massive combos and triggering ultra powerful effects! The game is very easy to learn and you can actually go ahead and start learning it yourself by reading the Rule Book!

   You can build your own deck with a variation of amazing cards! Create your very own personalized deck with your favorite cards and battle your friends in epic Yubi Matches! With a variation of card types, there's many combinations for your deck and different ways to win! 

   Change the tide of battle with Perk, Trap, and Chain cards! Benefit you or your monsters with powerful Perk Cards! Crush your opponent by setting up dangerous and plot twisting Trap Cards! You can even use the special Chain Cards and stack up some of the same kind to create massive effects that instantly change the tide of battle!

So what are you waiting for? Start collecting your own Yubi cards!