The Trading Card Game


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What's a Game without RULES ?

    Below, you can download a copy of the Yubi TCG rulebook as a .pdf file. Any questions referring to rules should be asked on the forum! Please note if there are features added to the game, download the extra text files below to learn more about new features and/or changes.

Yubi Rulebook

Learn the core of the game. Get to know the basic types of cards, how to win, how to start, what you need, and more. This PDF file contains core elements of the card game and with get you through with everything you need to know.

Last Updated: 10/06/17

Other Features


Counters are used to keep track of certain game elements and can be used to activate effects. It is important to note that every counter starts at 1 and NOT at 0. You can download the text file below to learn more about using counters and how they work.


Effect Speeds and Sequences are incredibly important to creating massive combos using Perks and Traps. Read about Sequencing by going over this text file! Soon you'll learn to create dangerously powerful combos that you're opponent with have trouble holding down!

Blitzing monsters

Blitzing is a new feature added to the card game. Blitzing provides players an alternative to Uniquely Activating a monster without having to wait to draw a monster they need, having to layout monsters on the field to proclaim, or without having to combine Materials. 

Union Monsters

Union Monsters are a second added feature to the game. Learn about how you use Union Monsters and how you must activate them. Union monsters are incredibly powerful and activating them is difficult, but their power is worth the difficulty and pain you go through to activate one.